Best of Breed

The MogoBiz ecommerce platform was created with high scalability and top performance in mind. That’s why it was developed with the latest, best of breed technology.
Multi-Channel & Multi-Device
MogoBiz is designed with fully modular services that can be customized and extended as needed. These services are accessed using the REST / JSON protocol, which lets you develop your frontend in whatever language you prefer, or whatever language needed for the devices and channels your ecommerce site supports. Multi-channel and multi-device capabilities are inherent to the MogoBiz platform.
Performance & Scalability
Mogobiz is a highly scalable platform based on reactive design patterns. It is built around the CQRS principle for instant rendition of your product database. Akka-HTTP and Elasticsearch are the core building blocks of our product. They maximize the scalability of your site and optimize the use of resources in the cloud.
Based on our in-house expertise and our Search-View-Click-Acquire approach, MogoBiz offers high-end statistics in real-time. Using Big Data technology and Machine Learning techniques, MogoBiz helps you monitor site activity and identify new and high-value customers. Analytics are made available through interactive and customizable dashboards.
1-to-1 Customer Relations
MogoBiz uses Apache Spark and Spark Streaming for personalized recommendations, such as:
  • Items frequently bought together
  • People who viewed/bought this also viewed/bought this
  • Recently viewed products
  • Recommendation based on customer journey
DevOps & Agitiy
MogoBiz is a collection of micro-services that allows for hyper fast start up times – less than a second! – for short development cycles. MogoBiz also provides instant deployment with zero downtime. It natively supports Docker and Ansible.