Product Information Management

You know that content is the rule of thumb for every successful site, but content can quickly become complicated. Product information siloes can really frustrate your users and hurt your business. To avoid this, manage your content from one central repository.

Yet even within your central repository, you need a thorough production process. For example, when it's time to launch a new product line or collection, every product and its content must be online (or "on-shelf") at the same time and in a consistent manner. Your process must ensure catalog preparation, content validation and a go-live for all product managers.

What you need to know

Product data (price, description, SKU number) come in two main formats: structured and unstructured. A product price, a product size, a 5-star rating option and a credit card number are structured data. A product description, a product image or video, a customer comment on a product and a name attributed to a credit card are unstructured data.

How it works

All product data are saved in one repository. Think of it as a "master file." Other synonyms are "content management" or "catalog management." Product Information Management allows you to manage the data in your repository as well as who can access, edit and delete your data.

With MogoBiz you can decide on the data type of all your fields, customizing how you show your content according to your needs. All product-oriented data is managed, including customer comments and notes on products. Properly set-up data that are accessible over all sales touch-points ensure a smooth customer experience

MogoBiz's Product Information Management allows you to aggregate data that come from different sources, easily streamlining updates, such as promos, over all channels. The production process is innate to the solution. It ensures that no critical data is missing, for consistent content and optimal SEO.

You can also set user profiles for specific hierarchical and/or product and catalog views, so creating, editing, and deleting product information is restricted to those responsible for those products. Different people can manage different sections, such as a product line, without any content overlap. Content can easily be exported into Excel for updates, and as easily imported into the repository for publication.
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