B2C Commerce

Admit it, you want it all. You want a high performance site that’s easy to scale and manage. You want your customers to have a seamless, trouble-free purchase experience. You want to be able to add all the coolest and latest features, push relevant content and offer a smooth cross-channel process that will keep your customers coming back for more.

The designers of the MogoBiz B2C Commerce solution have heard your plea, and worked towards creating the best possible ecommerce platform. It offers:
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A complete feature set for all your ecommerce needs.
Integration with the acclaimed Jahia CMS for all your marketing, content and site management needs.
Cutting-edge technology that lets you go-to-market fast with optimal performance and scalability that will make your CTO happy!
Entirely designed in Open Source technology – no, really, entirely Open Source. There are no hidden proprietary software, modules or add-ons, so no hidden fees or consultancy needs.


Sell physical (like a book) or digital (like a video game) products on a one-shot basis or via a subscription service. A master catalog allows you to define your offering by product types, product attributes or product categories. Catalogs also enable multi-stores, multi-languages, multi-catalogs and multi-currencies. Last but definitely not least, hot-deploy allows to update your catalogs instantaneously.


Highlight featured products or top-selling products right on your home page. You can also show recently-viewed products, replacement products for out-of-stoke items, and related accessories, allowing you to up-sell or cross-sell to your customer. "People also viewed" or "People also bought" labels can also help with up-sell. Fixed or dynamic bundles let you offer items that are often purchased together or make sense as a bulk buy.

Pricing & Promotions

Encourage purchases with special sale prices or promotional pricing. You can also price items differently depending on quantity ordered with tiered pricing. Promotions can be applied to products or shopping carts. MogoBiz also comes equipped with a promotion awareness engine. Coupon codes can be used for the public at large, in limited editions or privately, according to customer profile.

Customer profiling

MogoBiz allows for complete customer profiling to help make your customer's shopping experience as seamless and easy as possible. Offer your valued customers loyalty programs, gift cards and gift registries. Customer self-management allows your customers to manage their account details, payment details, shipment and other elements regarding their profile and experience. Integrate social and environmental values within your site with CSR management. Finally, track, organize and optimize the interaction between your site and your customer with experience management.

Customer management

Account registration and password-protected accounts ensures security. Offer multiple payment methods that are stored in a customer’s account – or not – depending on customer preference. Profile attributes help characterize your customers (gender, age, revenue, etc) so as to better address their needs. According to profile attributes and customer behaviour, you can also target offers, coupons, promotions and so on with integrated offer management.

Search & Browse

Make it as easy as possible for your customers to find what they are looking for on your site with keyword or attribute product searches. Or allow for refined searches based on price, color, size, ratings, or any other attribute with Product filtering. Multiple, dynamic and close-up product images help decision making. Dynamic content allows you to suggest to your customers products that are similar to the ones they have viewed, or that other customers have bought along with their selection for a highly personalized sales experience.

Administrative Features

An intuitive administrative interface is essential to help your team update and optimize your on-line store. MogoBiz allows for easy data import, export and synchronization. Administrator management lets you create different administrative profiles for different employees. MogoBiz also comes equipped with sophisticated reporting & analytics capabilities. Performance management helps you stay up to date with how well your site is doing, and in-store analytics lets you track your customer's shopping behaviour.

Cart & Check Out

Physical and digital orders can be completed via MogoBiz. Persistent cart features for anonymous or registered users track and save non-purchased cart items for the customer’s next visit and can merge a past saved cart with a current one. Orders can be made through guest user check-out or registered user check-out. Order initiation lets you push a form for complete customer registration info. Offer tax calculations, and multiple payment and shipping methods. Tokenized billing allows for recurring billing. Order confirmations can be online, or sent to an email address or mobile phone number.

Order Management

Your customers can modify or cancel orders during the order process, and split the order shipment to send different items to different addresses. Once an order is completed, customers can consult their order history, search in-progress and delivered orders, and view complete order details. Refunds, returns and exchanges are possible for top customer satisfaction.


Recommendations are a powerful tool for up-selling and cross-selling from your product catalogs. Recommend to your customers products that are similar to the ones viewed or purchased, or offer packaged deals with frequent item sets. Collaborative filtering allows for recommendations based on items bought by other customers who share the same profile (age, gender, income, etc). You can also offer recommendations based on specified Machine Learning algorithms.

Additional Technical Features

MogoBiz can easily integrate with 3rd-party software, such as your CRM, ERP or marketing automation suite, whether they be home-grown legacy solutions or popular industry options. MogoBiz can also integrate with other ecommerce sites like Amazon and eBay. As MogoBiz can be cloud-hosted, it can offer your site unbeatable scalability to support your traffic peaks.