Create an experience that fits your brand & audience. Market 1-to-1 to your customers.


Commerce components are now at the hands of marketers thanks to the full integration with the Jahia CMS.


Don’t limit your commerce to a web site. Omni-channelize it with mobile and in-store integration.


The creators of MogoBoz love innovation, so they made sure this ecommerce platform was developed with the latest and greatest web technology. MogoBiz delivers at blazing speed impressive catalogues using NoSQL technologies. Its hot deploy capabilities will save you time with faster deployments. To ensure smooth sailing with your existing systems, MogoBiz comes equipped with a REST/API that can link up to any business solutions. The low run cost will help you master your budget and the scalability and agility of MogoBiz will help you to be more responsive to business changes and market variables.
Check out the best of breed technology used in MogoBiz!

Marketing Manager

MogoBiz will be a joy for you to work with. Its powerful REST/API can link your site to all the marketing tools you need to support your activity, such as your CRM or marketing automation solution. MogoBiz comes equipped with very powerful analytics so you can measure and assess the quality of your sites, and modify accordingly for optimal results. Its strong Master Data Management capabilities will help you keep a hand over all the data of your site, including customer-created data (like comments and grading). It also includes many upsell features like “People also bought” tags. No Turk workers needed – MogoBiz does it all with real technology!
Read more about Master Data Management.

Ecommerce Manager

Finally, an ecommerce platform that can evolve as quickly as your campaigns! MogoBiz is created with extra scalable technology and has hot deploy capabilities for almost instant updates. But that’s not the only reason why you’ll love it. With MogoBiz, you can easily animate your online and mobile stores. Administrating your sites and managing your content is a breeze. And, you can orchestrate your customer's journey as you know best. Indeed, MogoBiz allows for complete customer profiling, so you can even manage your promotions and pricing accordingly.
To learn about all the MogoBiz features, have a look at our B2C Commerce section!